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Sites listing MaDdoG Software

Sites listing MaDdoG software

Here's a selection of freeware/shareware sites that link to or mention programs I've written... if your site features MaDdoG Software and isn't listed here, drop me a line pointing me to where you list my programs and how to link your site, and I'll add you.

  • [LockerGnome] Chris Pirillo's free newsletter, packed with information for Win95/WinNT users and net surfers
  • myshare_rd54.gif (1405 bytes) Listing "only the best" 32-bit shareware and freeware on the net
  • [Visit now], formerly, is one of the first and still the biggest Win95/NT listing sites
  • [NoNags] A depository of 32-bit Windows software
  • [Shareware Junkies] A shareware review site... they don't just list the programs, they actually test and review them
  • [The Free Site] Lists anything free you can find on the web... programs, multimedia, information, etc.
  • [TopSoft] TopSoft -- "Top source for finding the software you need"

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