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MaDdoG Software: Windows 9x apps

Product info: Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP applications

Below is a quick overview of currently available MaDdoG products. A detailed list is also available. To download software, click the file size link under the 'Download' column. For complete descriptions of features and system requirements, click the product name.

  Product Description Download
Download PaneKiller PaneKiller v1.45 Where do you want to Start today?  PaneKiller brings power, flexibility, and customizability as an alternative to -- or replacement for! -- the Start menu.

Access any file on your Desktop, My Computer, Control Panels, Network Neightborhood -- anywhere on your computer -- with a single click.  Drag files from one menu to another; even drag your menus around the screen.  Change how your menus look and act.  You're in control now.

PaneKiller brings fast, easy-to-use hierarchal menus for file management to Windows. Take control of your file management, and make accessing anything more convenient. Simply the quickest way to get around Windows. A highly useful Windows shell enhancement! Shareware, $10.

Download CmdUtils CmdUtils v1.5 CmdUtils are designed to let Windows command line warriors access a few of the newer features of the graphical desktop environment -- namely, the recycle bin, and a file's shell context menu and properties. Free software including source code, copyleft under the GPL. 124K
Download Boot ChoOSer Boot ChoOSer v1.2 Boot ChoOSer provides a graphical interface to the Windows 2000, NT or 9x boot managers, allowing you to comfortably switch between multiple operating systems, and runs under any 32-bit version of Windows. Freeware. 30K
Download QueuePlay QueuePlay v1.1 QueuePlay lets you queue up a list of media files from the Windows desktop, then play them back with a single click. Now with new playback options. Freeware. 31K
Download SetSound SetSound v0.20 SetSound lets you pick a sound and associate it directly with Windows sound events, instead of going through the Sound control panel and then having to search for sounds. Freeware. 26K
Download PlacesBar PlacesBar Editor v1.0 PlacesBar Editor lets you customize the PlacesBar, the list of up to 5 folder shortcut buttons on the left side of the Open and Save dialogs in most applications in Windows 2000 and Windows ME. Freeware. 33K
Download Flurry Flurry screen saver v1.0 Flurry is a beautiful (I can say that without bragging, because I didn't actually invent it!), colorful screen saver popularized by Mac OS X. Freeware, source code available. 42K (binary only)
79K (with source)

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