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MaDdoG Software: Windows 3.x apps

Product info: Windows 3.x applications

Below is a quick overview of currently available MaDdoG products. A detailed list is also available. To download software, click the file size link under the 'Download' column. For complete descriptions of features and system requirements, click the product name.

  Product Description Download
Download NetLyrix NetLyrix v1.0 NetLyrix is a viewer for song lyric files that you may or may not still be able to find on the Internet. Freeware. 11K
Download AmiFind AmiFind v1.60b AmiFind is a file location and management utility that integrates into Lotus' Ami Pro word processor, versions 2 and 3. Shareware, $15. 120K
  AmiFind v1.60c executable Upgrade to AmiFind v1.60c. Fixes date bug in non-Ami Pro file searches. Copy over your existing AMIFIND.EXE from a v1.60b installation. 51K
  AmiFind network setup Network-ready version of the AmiFind Installer. Keep AmiFind on your server while allowing it to integrate into Ami Pro on each of your users' computers. Requires AmiFind v1.60b. 16K
Download LFNLib LFNLib v1.0 LFNLib allows C programmers to quickly add Windows 95 long-file-name support to their existing 16-bit applications. Freeware. 8K

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