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  Compatibility: runs under any version of Windows; works with Lotus Ami Pro versions 2.x and 3.x. Also works with Lotus Word Pro when files are saved in the .SAM format.
Price: $15.00 US

AmiFind integrates into Lotus' Ami Pro word processor and provides the file-finding functionality that Lotus left out. Locate your old documents by any combination of description, text contents, keywords, date, and filename. Also works with Lotus Word Pro files saved in the .SAM format.

AmiFind features:

New: AmiFind Network Installer (preliminary release)
Install AmiFind on a network server, and allow users to run it from there while still retaining its integration with Ami Pro. Download here!

New: AmiFind version 1.60c
This is a maintenance release fixing a bug relating to searching for files not belonging to Ami Pro, using modification date criteria. To install, download and unzip, and copy the resulting AMIFIND.EXE file into the directory where you installed AmiFind v1.60b. When asked whether to overwrite the existing file, choose Yes.

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