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This review written by ZDNet's Software Library,   CmdUtils received 5 stars, the highest rating, in the review. Reprinted by permission.

CmdUtils is designed for the hard-core command-line fanatic. It lets Windows 95 and NT users make the most of a command prompt by adding a few new conveniences. Each utility is a small, standalone executable that ingeniously makes things easier.

'Recycle' replaces the delete command to move items to the trash instead of deleting them. It supports wildcards (sure beats deleting *.bak then *.tmp in Explorer) and a command-line option to suppress confirmation prompting.

'PropsFor' returns the GUI property sheet on a targeted file while 'Context' actually opens up the GUI context menu on the target.

'FixP', primarily for NT, addresses the problem where a current directory may have a short name displayed, instead of the true long filename, in the command prompt path.

All of these utilities can be used in batch files to automate tasks or simply to make life easier.

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