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MaDdoG Software product info

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MaDdoG Products

  • New releases happen! Versions change! Visit the live version of this page for the latest updates. (And prettier graphics!)

    Everything MaDdoG has released falls in the general 'utility' area. From there,
    Categories: Word processing | OS enhancements | Development | Internet

    Operating system enhancements
    Tired of drowning in Explorer windows? Haven't you always wanted fast, hierarchal access to all the files on your computer, right from the Windows taskbar? MaDdoG PaneKiller is the quickest way to get to all the documents and programs stored on your computer, without filling your screen with folder windows. PaneKiller gives you easy, configurable, menu-like access to every document and application available on your computer, all from the Windows taskbar.

    PaneKiller promotes a true document-centric view of your computer, because it lets you organize your files the way you want to, independent of your computer's actual directory structure. Or you can just use it to get at the stuff the way it's already stored, only faster. Your choice.

    Boot ChoOSer
    Boot ChoOSer is a Windows interface to the boot manager included with Windows NT. Boot ChoOSer sits on your taskbar and allows you to reboot to any operating system installed on your computer with a single click. Requires Windows NT and any other operating system to be useful.

    QueuePlay is a media clip player for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. QueuePlay lets you queue up a list of audio and/or video clips, then plays them back in order. You can also save playlists for later use.

    CmdUtils make life easier for those who use the command-line interface (MS-DOS Prompt) for Win95 or WinNT. Utilities included are Recycle, a replacement for the del command that deletes files to the recycle bin instead of permanently; PropsFor, which shows the Explorer properties for a file, and FixPrompt, which restores the prompt in WinNT after you run a 16-bit application from a directory with a long filename.

    Development assistants
    LFN libraries (LFNlib)
    LFNLib enables programmers to quickly add Windows 95 long-file-name support to existing 16-bit applications written in C.

    Internet utilities
    NetLyrix is a viewer for the song-lyric files originally found on Internet sites such as (The UWP archive is now closed, but if you still have lyrics files on your computer, you need a viewer.) NetLyrix will organize your collection of such lyrics and help you find them by album or song title.

    Word processing utilities
    AmiFind integrates into Lotus' Ami Pro word processor and provides the file-finding functionality that Lotus left out. Locate your old documents by any combination of description, text contents, keywords, date, and filename. Also works with Lotus Word Pro files saved in the .SAM format.

About MaDdoG Software

  • MaDdoG Software is the creation of a lone high school student, now a college student. Send him money if you use his shareware products! Send him constructive criticism if you use his freeware products! Don't let him program in an isolated void!

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