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Download PaneKiller PaneKiller v1.45 download 349K
  Compatibility: runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000
Price: $10 (shareware)

(c) 2001 Matt Ginzton, MaDdoG Software
released 4/5/01

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Register PaneKiller online now, via a secure web server.

The PaneKiller manual is now available online, including a list of things that changed in each version.

More screenshots are also available.

Also, I'm starting a list of tips, tricks, and non-obvious features for getting more out of PaneKiller -- read it, and feel free to contribute more ideas.

You can read a 3rd-party review of PaneKiller from


A better Start Menu than the Start Menu! A quicker and more fun way to navigate your computer, and get to the files you want.

Tired of drowning in Explorer windows? Haven't you always wanted fast and easy access to all the files on your computer, right from [ PaneKiller screenshot... click for more ] the Windows taskbar?

MaDdoG PaneKiller is the quickest way to get to all the documents and programs stored on your computer, without filling your screen with folder windows. You can access the Desktop, My Computer, Control Panels, your hard drives, your program files, your documents... anything, any way you like.

PaneKiller gives you easy, configurable, menu-like access to every document and application available on your computer, all from the Windows taskbar.

You no longer have to wish the Start Menu always worked that way!

PaneKiller features:

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