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  Compatibility: runs under Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
  • recommended: Windows sound support
Price: free

(c) 1996-8 Matt Ginzton, MaDdoG Software
released 7/17/98

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QueuePlay is a multimedia utility for Windows that lets you easily create a playlist of media files, and then plays them back in order.

Ever look at a directory full of media files and wish you could play them all, one at a time, without starting the next one each time one ends? Enter QueuePlay. Right-click files to send them to QueuePlay, which will sit on your taskbar and wait until you click it to start the playback.

Great if you want to relax to a mix of audio files (from CD, or MIDI or even wave files stored on your hard disk) while you work.

QueuePlay features:


QueuePlay runs under Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0. It will not run under Windows 3.x, as it is a 32-bit program, and it requires the Windows 95 interface, so it will not run under pre-4.0 versions of NT.

To install, right-click the QPlay.inf file (its icon is a notebook with a gear on it), then choose Install. QueuePlay will be copied to a new folder in your Program Files folder. You can uninstall QueuePlay via the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

Associations between QueuePlay and common media file types will be automatically created. Now, QueuePlay will show up on the context (right-click) menus for these file types.

To test out QueuePlay, open a folder containing media files. (Hint: open the Start menu and choose Run..., then type Media and press OK. This should open the folder full of media samples included with Windows.) Right-click on any media file, and choose QueuePlay from the popup menu. Now click the Q icon on your taskbar, next to the clock, to start playback.


There are three steps to using QueuePlay:

  1. Find the files you want to play -- in the Windows Explorer, open the folder(s) containing the media files you want to play (a good start is C:\Windows\Media).
  2. Right-click each file you want to play (you can also select a group of files by dragging or using the Shift and Ctrl keys, and then right-click any file in the group). Choose QueuePlay from the context menu that appears. Notice that a Q icon appears on your taskbar next to the clock, if it wasn't already there.
    Repeat step 2 for any other media clips you want to play.
  3. Once all your files are queued, click on the Q on the taskbar to start playback.

Advanced usage notes:


Version history

Terms and Conditions

QueuePlay is freeware, but if you like it (or if you don't!) please send feedback to one of the email addresses listed in the About... box. QueuePlay is supplied without any warranties, expressed or implied.

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