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Download SetSound SetSound v0.20 download 26K setsound.zip
  Compatibility: runs under Windows 9x, NT 4 or 2000 Price: free

(c) 2000 Matt Ginzton, MaDdoG Software
released 3/14/2000

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SetSound lets you browse through sound files (in .wav format) and then associate them with Windows events, instead of the old Sounds control panel which lets you browse through events and then associate sound files with them. Maybe not a huge change, but I find the Sounds control panel inconvenient, especially if I've just downloaded some new sound file and want to quickly make it my mail sound.

Now Windows respects my authori-tay!


Install by right-clicking on SSSetup.inf and choosing "Install." If you don't like the default install location (C:\Program Files\MaDdoG\SetSound) or you have a weird configuration for sound editors on your computer, the default install may take some tweaking. In particular, recent versions of NullSoft WinAmp may associate .wav files with the file class Winamp.File instead of the default SoundRec. SSSetup.inf assumes that .wav files are mapped to the class SoundRec; if this is not true on your system, edit SSSetup.inf (under the line [SetSound.WavClass]) to reflect the class associated with .wav, which will be the default value of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.wav, instead of SoundRec.

If you can't get the installation to work, you can also drag .wav files and drop them onto SetSound.exe.


Right-click on the .wav file of your choice, and choose "Associate with event." SetSound will open with a list of sound events; choose one and click OK. You can use the "Play old" and "Play new" buttons to sample the current sound for the selected event, as well as the sound you are about to use.

You can also drag .wav files onto SetSound; this method will work even if you have not installed SetSound (with SSSetup.inf).

View FAQ.htm with your favorite web browser for a list of common problems and their solutions. Particularly if you've installed WinAmp and after installing SetSound it doesn't seem to show up on the context menus for .wav files.

Terms and conditions

SetSound is completely free of charge and warranty.

Pre-release version notes:

  1. As evident from the version number, this software is not in its final form; your mileage may vary. Report any bugs to the addresses above.
  2. Obviously, there are features still in progress (everything in the Advanced area, for example, is not currently enabled).

Matt Ginzton / magi@cs.stanford.edu
last modified: 3/15/2000